ANF Constable Salary In Pakistan Pay Scale, Posting, Uniform & Training

The basic salary for an Anti Narcotics Force ANF Constable Salary In Pakistan 2024 starts from PKR 32,500/- Per Month. The pay scale for this post is BS-07. The color of the uniform is “Khaki”. They can be posted all over Pakistan anywhere any place.

ANF Constable Salary In Pakistan

The salary of an Antinarcotic constable is not the same for all due to some factors like duration of jobs, allowance, experience, and location.

The basic salary of an Anti Narcotics Force Constable is PKR 32,500 and higher due to other allowances.


  • Allowances: Multifarious allowances are given to the ANF Constable which includes house rent, conveyance, and ration allowances. Due to these factors the total salary increases.
  • Location: If the constable is posted in dangerous areas of Pakistan then they get additional allowances.

Pay Scale / Rank Of ANF Constable

The Pay Scale for the post of Anti Narcotics Force Constable is “BPS-07” Also, the Pay scale or Rank can changed by the government of Pakistan. These ranks vary due to some factors like government updates and scale revision policies.

Posting Of ANF

The posting of ANF departments is not fixed in some areas. The department has a right to post its employees. In simple the ANF Constable can be posted anywhere and any place in Pakistan.

Uniform Of ANF Constable

Uniforms for the Force of Anti-Narcotics are set to wear a Khaki and Green uniform with a black Beret.

Training Of ANF Constable

The duration of training is 6 Months as the basic training in law enforcement, firearms, and physical fitness. Also, special training is given to the constable according to the mission and areas.

Promotion Of ANF Constable

In every field, all the employees want to get a promotion after working for some years. So, the ANF Constable will be promoted after 7-8 years of service as Head Constable.