ASI Salary in Pakistan 2024 Basic Pay Package

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ASI stands for Assistant Sub-Inspector, which is a rank in the police force of Pakistan. An ASI is a non-gazetted officer who works under the supervision of a Sub-Inspector and is responsible for maintaining law and order in their assigned area.

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ASI Police Salary In Pakistan 2024

ASI salary (BS-09) is approximately Rs 55,910.00/= starting, their minimum basic salary is Rs. 11770.00 and their maximum basic pay is Rs. 33670 and these ASI are getting an annual increment of amount Rs 730 every year.

1Basic pay11770
2Convey Allowance 20052720
3Fixed TA/DA9500
4Adhoc Relief All 2016 10%700
5Adhoc Relief All 2017 10%1177
6Adhoc Relief All 2018 10%1177
7Adhoc Relief All 2019 10%1177
8Monthly Investigation All (equal to 60%)7055
9Utility Allowance 25%2942
10House Rent Ceiling6500
12Medical Allowance1500
13FIA Allowance 20%2354
14Anti-On Crime Allow 50%5885

Net Amount of Salary: 54,457/-

The outlook for the field of ASI in Pakistan is generally positive. With the increasing population and crime rate, the demand for law enforcement personnel has been on the rise.

The Government of Pakistan has been taking steps to modernize and equip the police force to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Moreover, there are opportunities for career growth and advancement within the police force, and many ASIs go on to become Sub-Inspectors, Inspectors, and even higher-ranking officers.

However, it is important to note that the job of an ASI can be demanding and challenging, with long hours and exposure to potentially dangerous situations. It requires individuals who are physically fit, mentally resilient, and committed to serving their community.

Requirements to Become an Assistant Sub Inspector ASI in Pakistan

To become an ASI in Pakistan, ASI Salary in Pakistan 2024. certain requirements need to be met. These requirements include:

Educational Qualification:

The minimum educational requirement to become an ASI in Pakistan is a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution.

Age Limit:

The candidate must be between 18 to 25 years of age. However, there are relaxations in the age limit for candidates belonging to specific categories, such as ex-servicemen, government servants, etc.

Physical Fitness:

The candidate must be physically fit and meet the minimum height and chest requirements.

height must be 5 feet 6 inches, and the age requirement is 18 to 25 to be suitable to work in this field.


The candidate must be a citizen of Pakistan.


The candidate must hold a domicile of the province they are applying.

Medical Fitness:

The candidate must be medically fit and must pass a medical examination conducted by a government-approved medical officer.

Police Verification:

The candidate must have a clean criminal record and must pass a police verification.

Written Test:

The candidate must pass a written test conducted by the relevant police department.


The candidate must clear an interview conducted by a panel of police officers.

Job Responsibilities of an ASI in Pakistan

The job responsibilities of an Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) in Pakistan may vary slightly depending on the police department and the specific duties assigned to them. However, in general, the job responsibilities of an ASI in Pakistan include:

  • An ASI is responsible for maintaining law and order in their assigned area. This involves patrolling the area, identifying potential sources of crime, and taking steps to prevent criminal activities.
  • An ASI may also be responsible for investigating crimes that have been reported to them. They are required to gather evidence, interview witnesses, and prepare reports for the higher authorities.
  • An ASI has the power to make arrests and detain suspects. They are required to follow the proper procedures and ensure that the rights of the accused are protected.
  • An ASI may also be assigned to control traffic in their assigned area. This involves directing traffic, managing congestion, and enforcing traffic laws.
  • An ASI may be called upon to manage crowds during public events or protests. They are required to maintain order and prevent any disturbance of public peace.
  • An ASI is responsible for maintaining accurate records of the activities in their assigned area. This includes maintaining records of arrests, investigations, and other activities.
  • An ASI may also be responsible for supervising junior officers and ensuring that they carry out their duties effectively.
  • An ASI may be required to appear in court to testify in criminal cases.

What Is the Salary Range for ASIs in Pakistan?

ASI Salary in Pakistan 2024

The salary range for ASIs (Assistant Sub-Inspectors) in Pakistan may vary depending on the province, police department, and the years of experience of the individual. However, the basic salary range for ASIs in Pakistan is between PKR 20,000 to PKR 40,000 per month.

In addition to the basic salary, ASIs may also receive other allowances such as medical allowances, house rent allowance, and travel allowance, depending on the policies of the police department.

It is important to note that the salary range for ASIs may be revised periodically by the government, and there may be opportunities for career growth and advancement within the police force that may lead to higher salaries.

Moreover, ASIs may also be eligible for pension benefits and other retirement benefits after completing a certain number of years of service in the police force.

Overall, while the salary range for ASIs in Pakistan may not be very high, the job offers opportunities for job security, benefits, and the chance to serve and protect the community.