BBA Salary In Pakistan 2024

BBA Salary In Pakistan is not easy to determine because some factor varies the salaries for BBA past students in Pakistan. These factors may include company, bounces, traveling facilities, and other factors. But how you can estimate the round figure that can earn a BBA Degree Passed student is PKR 35,000 to PKR 40,000 in Pakistan.

BBA Salary In Pakistan

Fresh BBA Jobs Salary In Pakistan

For the fresh BBA Salary Jobs must be started in every company “PKR 35,000 to 40,000/- Per Month. But this figure is estimated figure not exact. Some factor varies the salaries for freshers like if a company is paying bonuses, Health Insurance, or other facilities that increase the salary for freshers and entry-level also.

BBA HR Salary IN Pakistan

The salary of a BBA HR Manager is reported in 2024 estimated at PKR 550,000/-

BBA Finance Salary in Pakistan

The salary of a Financial Analyst is reported in 2024 as estimated PKR 300,000/-

BBA Marketing Salary in Pakistan

The salary of the BBA Marketing Manager is reported in 2024 as an estimated PKR 500,000/-

Factors Vary The BBA Salary In Pakistan

  • Degree Specialization: The BBA program facilitates various subjects such as Finance, marketing or HRM, and many more. Every Specialization subject has different salaries in different workplaces or companies.
  • Reputation Of University:¬†In Pakistan, the university plays a big role if you have qualified from tier universities like the University of Lahore, IBA Karachi, etc then you can also get easily jobs with higher salaries as compared to local university students.
  • Skills: Also, the other part of the salary factor is your skills like communication skills and technical skills that belong to your specialization subject.
  • Experience Of Job: If you have already worked in any place like an internship from a highly performed company then you can also get a higher salary from a fresher BBA.
  • ¬†Industry / Company: Also, the factor that varies your salary is the company if you get a job in a multinational company then you have a chance to earn a higher salary as compared to local industries.

BBA Salary FAQ’s

What is the lowest salary in BBA?

The lowest salary in BBA Jobs is PKR 35,000/-

Is BBA in Demand In Pakistan?

Yes, The demand for BBA in Pakistan increases gradually every year.

Which Job has the Highest salary of BBA In Pakistan?

The highest-paid jobs in Pakistan are Financial Analyst, HRM, and Managers.