Doctor Of Physical Therapy DPT Salary In Pakistan 2024

The Starting Salary is PKR 32,500 to 80,000 per month Doctor Of Physical Therapy DPT Salary In Pakistan 2024.  No one can explain the exact figure of salary about DPT Salary in Pakistan in 2024 because of some challenging factors.

DPT Stands For?

  • DPT is the abbreviation of Doctor of Physical Therapy. This Study of doctors related to the treatment of Physical Bones and Pains.
  • The duration of the DPT Study is 5 years in Pakistan.

DPT Salary & Scope in Pakistan 2024

Salary OF DPT IN Pakistan

Three types of Salaries are categorized as:

Starting Salary Of DPT

In the field of healthcare, the starting salary for freshers is PKR 32,500 to 50,000 per month. But these are not exact figures some figures are calculated for fresher PKR 40,000 – 50,000 /Mo.

Mid-Career Salary OF DPT

The Doctor that contains experience of 3-5 years and can earn a salary near PKR 55,000-80000 /mo.

Experienced Salary Of DPT

The five years plus 5+ years Experience and specialization Doctor Of Physical Therapy get a salary per month PKR 80,0000 to 1 lac.

Scope OF DPT In Pakistan

Thousands of students in Pakistan go to the MBBS field or DBS. But now in 2024, the scope of DPT is aware to the students of Pakistan and the scope is broad also it included.

  • Varieties of Physical Therapy: Physical therapy in Pakistan is musculoskeletal, neurological, and other diseases.
  • Working to educate the patients to manage their health.

Factors To Varry DPT Salary In Pakistan 2024

Various factors contribute to the changing Salary of the Doctor Of Physical Therapy DPT Salary In Pakistan 2024 some factors are elaborated in this article.

  • Inflation Rate: The first and main factor that depends on the DPT Salary are inflation rates and healthcare changes in health departments. So, it means if the inflation rate changes the salary of DPT in Pakistan there is no fixed and exact figure calculated for 2024 for the salary of DPT.
  • Experience: Everyone knows an experienced person can get a higher salary compared to the freshers DPT.
  • Location: The other salary-changing factor is the location if you are working in a big city such as Karachi, Lahore, or Islamabad then DPT has a chance to get a higher salary as compared to smaller cities or towns.
  • Specialization Of DPT: Also, the other factor is specialization that has higher education like specialization in sports, Neuro physiotherapy. So, the salary depends on the specialization that can give higher or lower income salary.


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