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FBR Inspector Inland Revenue Descriptive Test Syllabus 2023 by FPSC

FBR Inspector Inland Revenue Descriptive Test Syllabus 2023 by FPSC

Federal Public Service Commission has been discussing the outline for the test of FBR inspector Inland revenue descriptive test 2023.

FBR Inspector Inland Revenue Descriptive Test Syllabus 2023 by FPSC

The syllabus for the Descriptive Test of F4-116/2021 FBR Inspector Inland Revenue is given below.

  1. Functions of Federal Board of Revenue.
  2. Fiscal Policy of Pakistan 2021-22
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. Financial Management
  • The topics of Human Resource Management

Definition, Significance, and Scope of Human Resource Management, Organization of the Federal and Provincial Governments, Public Sector Enterprises, Approaches to Human Resource Management, Personnel Administration, Tools of Personnel Management.

  • Topics of Financial Management

An overview of Financial Management, Analysis, and Interpretation of Financial Statements, Risk, Return and Introduction to Pricing, Cash flow and Budgeting, Capital Budgeting, Elements of Financial Administration, Performance Programmed Budgeting, Auditing and Accounting.

Suggested Books and Readings

Fiscal Policy of Pakistan 2021-22
Human Resource ManagementH.T.Graham &Roger Bennett
Human Resource ManagementDerek Torrington & Laura Hall
Government Finance – An Economic AnalysisDue John, F.
Public FinanceLaurence Seidman
Public Finance in Theory and PracticeRichard Abel Musgrave

FBR Result 2023 Jobs Screening/Physical Test

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