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Labour Day 2023 Pakistan

Like many other countries, a public holiday is going to be observed in Pakistan on 1st May, Monday. This holiday represents nothing but a sense of solidarity with industrious and diligent laborer’s, thereby known as “Labour Day” — formerly known as “Worker’s Unity Day.” All the government institutions as well as private firms have announced that they will remain closed for one day. Last year, this holiday was observed on Sunday. Luckily, this time, it will be observed on Monday, which is by default working day.

Labour Day Pakistan

Importance and Historical Background of Labour Day

Since the dawn of time, the working class of society has been derided by the aristocratic or rich class. To tackle this harshness, in the late 19th century, labourers in Chicago came together and protested against the authorities to reduce their workload. Their primary slogan was “8-hour workday.” Before the demands were met, police tried to scatter the crowd and threw bombs at them. Dozens of labourers succumbed to death at the spot and this kindled a fire of change throughout the world. Surprisingly, their sacrifices did not go in vain, because their demands were met and even today, we witness a lot of improvements in labour policies. To commemorate the sacrifice of labourers, an international labour day is observed as a public holiday.

Labour Day 2023

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1st May: A Useless Holiday?

Different individuals show different approaches towards this day, or more precisely, holidays. Some loquacious hosts of TV shows would pretend to show solidarity with industrious labourers and workers. The youth will update a status entitled “Happy Labour Day!” on different social media platforms. For some, this day is going to be a captivating prolonged holiday, since it combines with the weekends: Saturday and Sunday. They would go for outing with family and friends and relish the finest moments of their lives. While for some others, this holiday will be an opportunity to complete due tasks and objectives. This day could be trivial for those, who spend holidays in unshakable naps and sleeps.

But for labourers, this day is going to be another normal day. Whether a labour with sallow skin and ordained misery, works in factory or in a grocery store, he will be found on beat. Neither his wage nor his rights will get a glance of care by higher-ups and general public. The headstrong perspective of people towards them will not be made gentle. And this raises a plethora of questions on our priorities and values. So in order to realise the true value of this holiday, everyone should ponder over the existing realties and should put a coin of change in the well of perspective.

Reasons to celebrate labour holiday

1 May labour day is not meant a holiday for the entire globe. In other words, not all the countries celebrate labour day on this date. Rather some countries celebrate it, on the first Monday of May, whereas some countries observe this day in different months like September etc. The reason behind this difference is movements in the history of different nations.


What is Labour Day?

Labour Day is a public holiday in many countries around the world, including Pakistan, Canada, the United States, and several European countries. In Pakistan it is typically celebrated on the 1st, May and first Monday in September in other countries. It is meant to honor the contributions of workers to society

Why do we celebrate Labour Day?

Labour Day is a celebration of the achievements of workers and their contributions to society. It is meant to recognize the social and economic achievements of the labour movement, including the creation of labor laws and regulations that protect workers’ rights.

Q: When did Labour Day begin?

The first Labour Day celebrate in 1972 in Pakistan and 1923 in India. However, the holiday did not become an official federal holiday in the United States until 1894, following a series of protests and strikes by workers.

How is Labour Day celebrated?

The way in which Labour Day is celebrated can vary by country and region, but it often involves parades, picnics, and other public gatherings. Many workers have the day off and use it as an opportunity to relax and spend time with family and friends.

Is Labour Day celebrated globally?

Yes, Labour Day is celebrated in many countries around the world, although the specific date and traditions can vary.

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