Naib Qasid Work And Salary In Pakistan

In this article, you may learn about Naib Qasid Work And Salary In Pakistan. Various factors vary the salary of Naib Qasid Department, Services Duration, and other Allowances.

Naib Qasid salary in Pakistan

The average salary of the Naib Qasid is 26450/- per month in PKR. It is estimated figure for the year 2024 basic salary of Naib Qasid In Pakistan is 26540/- But this salary varies from department to department.

FIA Naib Qasid Salary

As per government rule salary of the FIA Naib Qasid is 26450 PKR which is the same as the above salary figure and varies depending on the above factors.

ASF Naib Qasid Salary

ASF Naib Qasid’s Salary is noted as PKR=26450/- per month in Pakistan which is the same as the above salary figure and varies depending on the above factors like education. experience etc.

Naib Qasid Promotion Rules

The promotion process of Naib Qasid is different in every department. It may be:

  • Based on education and experience.
  • Departmental Test Pass Out.
  • On the base of performance.

Naib Qasid Work Job Description, Duties & Responsibilities

The Job description is not specific for Naib Qasid. Because he is under the Boss and works with everyone who is given by the Boss. In simple Naib Qasid aik Chaprasi hota usko Chaye, pani, daftar ka hr kam dia jata hy jo usy krna hota hy.

Naib Qasid Grade

Naib Qasid ko BPS-1 to BPS-5 dia jata hy . Yeah, the scale depends on karta hy hr shehar or department per.

Naib Qasid Qualification

The Qualification for the post of Naib Qasid in 2024 Pakistan must be Matric (10th).

Naib Qasid In English & Meaning in Urdu

In English, you can say Naib Qasid is an Orderly Messenger or Assistant Courier under the office authorized officers.

In urdu: Naib Qasid Meaning in Urdu is Chaprasi, Paigam Rasaan, etc.


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