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Pakistan Army Ranks and Insignia Latest Information 2023

How many ranks are in Pakistan Army? What is the name of the ranks? today I will tell the detailed information on Pakistan Army ranks and insignia.

The Pakistan Army ranks and insignia are the military badges used by the Pakistan Army. The officers, soldiers, and other staff in khaki uniforms wear their rank insignia on the uniform. In CCD, all army personnel wears their insignia on the chest. Pakistan Army rank structure is similar to the British Army rank structure.

General is the highest rank in the Pakistan Army. let’s start the article.

Army Ranks and Insignia


Non-Commissioned Officer Ranks

  • Lance Naik
  • Naik
  • Havaldar
  • Company quartermaster havildar

Junior Commissioned Officers Ranks

  • Naib Subedar
  • Subedar
  • Subedar Major

Commissioned Officers Ranks

  • Captain
  • Field marshal

Detail Information (one by one)

Lance Naik

Pakistan Army Ranks and Insignia

The lowest rank is Lance Naik that promoted from soldier to urge this title. the essential wage of lance naik is in keeping with BPS-6 and it’s famed by a single strip badge shown at its arms.


Pakistan Army Ranks and Insignia

When lance naik performs well then he gets a promotion and he becomes a naik. It’s legendary by 2 strips and basic pay is in line with BPS-7. 10 soldiers are under one naik.


havaldar insignia pak army

The highest Rank in non-commissioned officer is havaldar. When the naik is promoted then he becomes Hawaldar. Three naiks are under one Hawaldar.

Company quartermaster havildar

Pakistan Army Ranks and Insignia

In one battalion there are three companies that are Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie. One company has eight Havaldar. the havaldar that performs well becomes the company quartermaster havildar.

Junior Commissioned Officers Ranks

Naib Subedar

naib subaydar insignia pak army 1

The lowest rank in junior commissioned officer is naib subedar. The senior havaldar pass some tests and get promoted to naib subedar. The remuneration of Naib Subedar is consistent with BPS-14 and this can be best known by one strip and crown.


subaydar insignia pak army

In due course, He becomes Subedar and its badge is one strip with 2 crowns and its earnings is consistent with BPS-15.

Subedar Major

subaydar major insignia pak army

the High officer in Junior Commissioned Officers is Subedar Major. His rank is higher than non-commissioned officers. The badge of subedar major isis one moon and star with a strip that is shown above. The salary of a subedar major is according to BPS-17. He is also called the Father of the battalion because his whole service in Battalion.

This is the next rank that each soldier is able to do by qualifying tests. Commissioned Officers get replaced every 2 years however perpetually Subedar stays there. due to this, he knew the strength and weaknesses of its battalion.

Commissioned Officers Ranks


Second Lieutenant insignia pak army

The 2nd lieutenant is understood by its badge one crown and also the earnings of the ordinal Lieutenant are consistent with BPS-17. In Pak Army, the ordinal lieutenant typically gets a promotion in six months and becomes a Lieutenant.

The rank of the lieutenant is capable of the cadet of the Pak Navy and also the Pilot Officer of the Pak air force.


Lieutenant insignia pak army

The lieutenant is high rank than the second lieutenant. Lieutenant regular payment is consistent with BPS- seventeen and recognized by 2 crowns. When the second lieutenant is promoted then he becomes lieutenant.


captain insignia pak army

The captain is a higher officer than the second lieutenant, lieutenant, and non-commissioned officers. Lieutenant regular payment is consistent with BPS- seventeen. The captain takes care of the one company during a unit. The rank of army captain is adequate Flight Lieutenant of Pak service and Lieutenant of Pakistan navy.


major insignia pak army

Major rank is above the captain and recognized by one crescent and star. The earnings of the most important are consistent with BPS-18. Major is the junior rank within the commissioned field and typically major is chosen for the operations officer. If the colonel is not on duty due to some cause, the Major will manage the military.



LIEUTENANT COLONEL is the high-rank officer which we discuss above all. LIEUTENANT COLONEL controls one complete battalion. The salary of a lieutenant colonel is as claimed by BPS-18. The first lieutenant colonel passes the commission test and other tests and gets a promotion due to great performance.


COLONEL COL insignia pak army

Colonel is recognized by 2 crowns, one crescent, and one star. The regular payment of a commissioned military officer is consistent with BPS-19 and its rank is adequate for the senior pilot of the Pak air force and Captain of the Pak Navy. a commissioned military officer is the senior army rank.


BRIGADIER BRIG insignia pak army

Brigadiers also are enclosed normally as Officers and recognized by one crescent, one star, and 3 crowns and additionally decision One-Star General. The pay scale of brigadier general is twenty and it’s rank is adequate for the commissioned naval officer of the Navy and Air commissioned naval officer of the Air Force.

A brigadier general controls the one complete brigade that encompasses 3 units.


MAJOR GENERAL MAJ GEN insignia pak army

Major General is recognized by one crossed baton and one crown and is additionally referred to as Two-Star General. This rank is adequate for the Rear-Admiral of Pak navy and Air Vice-Marshal (AVM) of Pak Air Force.

There square measure 3 divisions below the one Major General and one division consist of 3 brigadiers.



The badge of the general officer is one crossed baton, on the crescent, and one star. This rank is capable the Vice-Admiral of the Navy and sky marshal of the Air force. a general officer is additionally known as Three-Star General and controls the whole army corporation.

A corporation consisted of 3 divisions. however, there also are 2 corps in one division.


LGENERAL GEN insignia pak army 1

General is the second-last highest rank of the Pakistan nation Army and it’s recognized by one crossed baton, one crescent, and one star and additionally referred to as Four-Star General. Currently, there square measure 2 serving Generals of the Asian nations, one is the Chief of Army employees General Qamar Javed Bajwa and therefore the difference is the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Army employees.

The rank of General of {pakistan|Pakistan| the Islamic Republic of {pakistan|Pakistan|Islamic Republic of Asian nation|West Pakistan|Asian country|Asian nation}|West Pakistan|Asian country|Asian nation} Army is adequate Admiral of Pakistan Navy and Air Chief Marshal (ACM) of Pakistan armed service.

Field marshal

Field marshal insignia pak army

Field Marshal rank is just the rank that’s accomplished by just one person within the history of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and nobody will able to achieve this rank until currently. The officer of this rank referred to as|is named|is termed} a Five-Star Officer and conjointly called marshall.

This rank is above General and the badge is 2 crossed batons, and one crescent star each during a wreath of oak leaves one by one.

General Ayub Khan was the one marshall within the history of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The fascinating factor concerning this rank is, that it’s solely accomplishable by that one who won the war by leading armies of 1 or 2 countries.

In the war of 1965, he drew his nice leadership by positioning himself to the rank of marshall and honored General Moosa to the rank of General.

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