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Solved PPSC Health & Physical Education Past Papers

Solved PPSC Health & Physical Education Past Papers. In PDF format notes, books, and most repeated MCQs test preparation stuff available here are important solved MCQs from the PPSC test point of view and get sample papers quickly and easily. Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) for entry test important MCQs with answer PDF.

Physical fitness is not only a concept but it reflects a practical approach to human betterment in terms of health.

Solved PPSC Health & Physical Education Past Papers

Do you want to become a PT trainer? The best subject you choose for the PT Trainer and trained the people about games and health. Health and physical education are integral components of a balanced educational program.

In health and physical education, you learned to be successful in life as an active, healthy, and socially responsible citizen.

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Papers syllabus for Punjab PSC health & physical education

According to the Punjab Public Service Commission paper pattern.Health and physical education lecturer syllabus below

  • Vocabulary, Grammer Usage, Sentence Structuring
  • Philosophy of Physical Education
  • Curriculum of Physical Education
  • Psychology of Physical Education
  • Measurement & Evaluation
  • Rules of all games
  • Rules of all Athletic events
  • Recreation
  • Audio Visual aid
  • Athletic Injuries
  • Handicap Sports Organization
  • Teaching Techniques and Methodology
  • Classroom Management and Discipline
  • Testing and Evaluation
  • Development of Education in Pakistan
  • Solved PPSC Health & Physical Education Past Papers

Download PPSC past papers for health and physical education

The health and physical education curriculum promotes important educational values and goals that support the development of character

You can easily download the PDF format and share it. For best test preparation of PPSC health and physical education here are completely solved past papers.

Determinant of health
Determinants of health

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