How To Become Assistant Commissioner In Pakistan

How To Become an Assistant Commissioner In Pakistan is an important question and everyone wants to know about this post process. So. follow the below process which is explained in detail.

How to Become Assistant Commissioner In Pakistan

The post of Commissioner or Assistant Commissioner is known as a powerful post, especially in rural areas. Everyone wants to get jobs but some people work hard to get the AC Post to get power with the job. So, if you are interested to know the process then scroll down this article.

Steps To Becoming an Assistant Commissioner In Pakistan

There are the following steps included in the process of Becoming an Assistant Commissioner in Pakistan.

  • Educational Qualification: For the AC Post you must have a bachelor’s Degree from HEC Recognize University. However, some departments of police require specific Degrees such as Law for AC Police.
  • Competitive CSS/PCS Exams: The second step is to pass the CSS Exams that Exam conducted by the FPSC Federal Public Service Commission. The other alternative Exam is PCS Provincial Civil Services. The PCS Exams conducted in Pakistan PPSC For AC Posts.
  • Choose Pathway Group: The CSS Administrative Group has the option to choose the group such as Assistant Commissioner.
  • Special Training Departmental: After Completing the above criteria the candidate is sent for training. The duration of training is 06 to 09 Months.
  • Posting: After The Training is Completed the candidate is posted as AC at the District Level in any district of Pakistan.
  • Probation Period: Probation Period for the assistant commissioner Post is “Two Years”
  • Evaluation Performance: Before appointing AC for permanent jobs department evaluates their probation period performance and then decides whether to appoint them permanently or not.

Additional Requirements:

The Additional Requirements are included for the post of Assistant so these requirements must meet the criteria.

  1. Age Limit
  2. Physical Fitness
  3. Excellent Communication
  4. Solving Problem Skills
  5. Leadership Skills

Pattern Of Examination: The Pattern of the exam contains 3 processes.

  1. MCQs
  2. Subjective Written
  3. VIVA Interview

Promotions of Assistant Commissioner in Pakistan

The Process of Promotion in Pakistan depends on these factors. After these points then an AC Becomes DC Deputy Commissioner after the 8-15 years job of AC.

  • Seniority
  • Exams Passed
  • AC Progress during services
  • Departmental Evaluation

Posts After Promotion of Assistant Commissioner

These are posts for AC.

  • Deputy Commissioner (DC)
  • Additional Commissioner (AC)
  • Commissioner

Assistant Commissioner Salary in Pakistan

The salary of an AC In Pakistan is very high compared to a normal Department Post. There are salary & Benefits included for bignerrs.


I hope I have included all the necessary information for the topic of How To Become Assistant Commissioner In Pakistan. If you have any queries about this article don’t hesitate to comment in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Become DC In Pakistan?

All the criteria are given in the above article in which the Bechalor degree and CSS Exam must be passed.

How many Female ACs are in Pakistan?

There is no exact figure but from a news report about Female AC increased in 2023.