MBBS In Turkey For Pakistani Students 2024

Get to know everything about MBBS In Turkey For Pakistani Students 2024 which is arguably the best feeling, Pakistani students can ever achieve.

MBBS is perhaps the highest representation of academic excellence, as MBBS doctors are applauded worldwide. Whether someone is getting MBBS from 3rd world countries or 1st world countries, the value of MBBS is not diminished.

However, doing MBBS from the country of your choice — Turkey, in this case — is the real charisma. So the question is how to get admission to MBBS in Turkey for Pakistani students.

Well, this guide is simply an answer to this above-asked question. So tighten your seatbelt, because we are not going to slow down unless you get your answer.

MBBS in Turkey for Pakistani Students 2024

Before departing on a voyage, the captain of the boat ponders over the list of items, he needs to survive in the ocean. So here is the list of admission requirements for Pakistani Students in MBBS Programs in Turkey:

Intermediate Education

Before applying for MBBS in Turkey, one must be aware of the fact that a minimum of 60% marks (first division) are demanded. Both of the degrees, FSc and A-level are acceptable, but with the above-mentioned percentage.

YÖS Exam

Now, the next step is YÖS, which is the Turkish exam for admissions to medical colleges. The structure and syllabus of this exam overlap with the MDCAT. So cracking this exam is also mandatory for anyone, who desires to get an education here.

English Proficiency

Turkish educational spheres do not welcome candidates with IELTS or DuLingo. Rather one should present TOEFL with a good score, to show one’s English proficiency. Nevertheless, it is not mandatory, if one chooses Turkish as the medium of education.

Medical Colleges in Turkey for Pakistani Students

Medical universities in Turkey for Pakistani students are extremely saturated. There are two types of medical universities: public and private. The fee structure as well as admission standards of the private medical universities in Turkey, are higher than those of public sector universities.

Cost of Studying MBBS In Turkey For Pakistani Students

The cost of MBBS in Turkey differs from university to university — as mentioned above. The average cost of studying MBBS in Turkey for Pakistani students is 1000 to 2500 Euros in public universities. Additionally, health insurance, accommodation, and other peripheral expenses are there, too.

The cost of this degree in private universities is way higher than the public ones. An estimate of 15000 to 20000 Euros is obliged to every student in private universities. This too further includes some peripheral expenses like accommodation, insurance etcetera.

Scholarships for Pakistani Students Pursuing MBBS In Turkey

There is another charismatic and low-cost way to get here. That is nothing but coming to Turkey on scholarship. To attain this scholarship, one needs a minimum of 90% marks along with good proficiency in the language.

There are some reserved seats in every university, which do not even demand the YÔS exam. So if anyone gets admission to Turkey on the reserved scholarship, then everything becomes free of cost, including return tickets for the plane.

“FAQs” About MBBS in Turkey for Pakistani Students

Q. Is MBBS free in Turkey for Pakistani students?

Yes, MBBS is free for those Pakistani students, who are lucky enough to get their names on the scholarship list. For the rest of the students, the price of this medical degree is sky-high.

Q. What is the cost of accommodation in Turkey for Pakistani students?

The cost of living in Turkey ranges between 450 to 500 Euros, for international students. But this cost is halved, if one gets accommodation in the hostel of the university, which is way cheaper than the private hostel.

Q. What is the VISA process for Pakistani students pursuing MBBS in Turkey?

Once the letter of confirmation from the university is achieved, that the candidate has successfully managed to get admission, the VISA procedure becomes child’s play. The embassy of Turkey immediately issues visas for those students, who have been successfully granted admission.