Starting Salary Of Soldier In Pak Army 2024

The Starting Salary Of Soldier In Pak Army 2024 is detemine easily through proper channel. Solider or Sepoy start from PKR 33385/– to PKR 72,769/-. However this salary vary due to different factors like Rank, Length of services, specilization duty role make higher salary in the Army force.

Starting Salary Of Soldier In Pak Army 2024

The Salary and Allowances vary depending on factors like Length of Services, Qualification, Specialization, Posting Branch, Additional Allowances and Benefits. There is more opportunites availablr for every soliders if they pass the training and tests that are necessary for promotion. After the services of years the salary increases due to incremeants.

Basic SalaryPKR 33,385 – 72,769/-
Housing AllowanceAll these allowances vary for every Soldier due to some factors like:

  • Years Of Services
  • Rank
  • Qualification and Specialization
  • Specific Military Branch
  • Additional Allowances and Benefits
Utility Allowances
Conveyance Allowance
Ration Allowance
Medical Allowance
Education Allowance
Leave Travel Allowance


Note: The above salary detail is not actual above figure is an estimated value the exact salary and allowances vary depending on the factors that are mentioned in the table.

Final Words Starting Salary Of Soldier

I hope i have included all the necessary information that is helpfull for “starting salary of soilder. However you can also approach to know the salary of Sepoy, General, and Brigadier of the Pakistan Army. Pakistan Army is very brave and unbeatablle from the enemy. They fight for Jihad in the way of Allah to save the Pakistan and their people.